Emerald Triangle Buds

Emerald Triangle Buds was launched in 2010 with great success. We pioneered many concepts that are now standard in the industry today. Our proven branded product was in almost every dispensary in a city with a population of 90k until the city banned the operation of dispensaries. Our growers are poised and ready for the day when the free market for cannabis will finally allow this great product to reach every corner of the U.S. legally. Napa is known for wine, Tennessee is known for whiskey and the Emerald Triangle is known for its cannabis. All of our growers are original growers from and in the Emerald Triangle. We look for Emerald Triangle Buds to be the #1 branded Cannabis products in the legalized Cannabis market. We are patiently waiting and ready to bring true original high quality and potent strains from the Emerald Triangle to the free market.