Our goal has been and continues to be to preserve the original strains and growers of the Emerald Triangle. The green rush has brought lots of folks from all over the United States and even the world to take advantage of the climate and conditions that have brought some of the best cannabis to the world. Unfortunately this has not been the best thing to happen here. Growers only concerned with maximum profits have been destroying our environment and creating super pests and diseases. Crime has gone up and the trimmigrants that file through our beautiful land litter our roads and landscape. We hope that when cannabis is finally legalized that you will only support the growers who are certified to be Emerald Triangle Buds recognized growers. Only the original growers who have been here for generations are or will be allowed into our group. Some of our growers can trace their roots all the way back before their land was invaded by the settlers of the west. True Native Americans who have been growing and using this medicinal herb for as long as any of them can remember.

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